Wolfskidder Beetle

The Wolfskidder Beetle is a giant beetle native to Scarazand . It is the biggest beetle to ever appear in the trilogy. It is only used for battles.

The Wolfskidder beetle is described as being as big as a truck and having an extremly hard shell. It has two cannons eith side of it, near it's mandables, than fire hot acid.

The Hidden World Edit

Tom Scatterhorn and Pearl Smoot are put inside The Arena as one of the games, which is fighting a wolfskidder beetle. It was brought out in a giant egg and then one hatched will shoot anything that moves.Tom ran underneath the beetle so as to confuse it and escaped thanks to Henry Scatterhorn and Trixie Dukakis .

The Forgotten Echo Edit

Wolfskidder cannons were strapped to Satanflies to kill Tom & Lotus who were riding G.F. Moore .

Wolfskidders were used in the Last Battle .