The Hidden World is the second novel in the trilogy. It takes place about a year after the first and is more of an
epic adventure. There are two covers for this book, both colour scheme being yellow.


It's the start of the summer holidays, and Tom is back at the Scatterhorn Museum. But when an unexpected guest arrives his world is thrown into disarray. Her name is Pearl Smoot and she is a traveller - like him. She needs Tom's help. Urgently. There is evil afoot in the shape of Tom's old enemy. Don Gervase Askary. He has captured Pearl's father and brother, and what's more, she thinks he's holding Tom's parents too. Tom and Pearl set off to rescue them, on a perilous quest that leads them from the foothills of the Himilayas to the steaming jungles of Polynesia, then onwards into the very heart od Don Gervase's insect kingdom...

Reason For TitleEdit

Scarazand was a world hidden from time.


  1. Listening For Fun
  2. The Same: But Somehow Different
  3. Arsenic
  4. Skeet Marsh
  5. Death by Chocolate
  6. Closing the Trap
  7. They Have Their Exits
  8. Not Even On the Map
  9. Tales of a Hidden World
  10. The Amulet
  11. To Tithona
  12. Before the Volcano
  13. Skin of Their Teeth
  14. A Necessary Betrayal
  15. My Life As a Beetle
  16. Into The Abyss
  17. Scarazand
  18. The Lowest of the Low
  19. Spiders, Witchits, and Groot Slang
  20. Utopia
  21. Luposerpis Maximus
  22. Barnstorming
  23. The Sleep Of Reason
  24. An Eye For An Eye


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