The Forgotten Echo is the third and last book in the trilogy. Another year has passed since the second book
Aha! 3
making the complete trilogy three years long in present day and excluding the alternate timeline. This book has many referances to the first and second book and relates some of the stories that happened.


How would you feel if you were suddenly whisked away to a strange place where you knew no one? Where you were told you weren't acctually yourself, but some sort of wierd copy? Where everyone around you seemed crazy - and there was no way out?

This is the just the beginning of tom Scatterhorn's final, breathtaking, time-travelling adventure, in which he sets out to destroy not only his greatest enemy, Don Gervase Askary, but also the vast insect kingdom of Scarazand itself. The quest leads Tom away from his beloved museum to lands familiar and strange, and towards and epic final battle that will not only determine his own fate, but also everyone else's...

Reason For TitleEdit

An Echo had been made of Tom and that was Don Gervase's secret weapon.

See Echo Statue.


  1. The Visions of Betilda Marchmont
  2. Beginning, Middle...
  3. When the Lazy Wind Blows
  4. Welcome Strangers All
  5. Fight The Power
  6. The Iridescent Feather
  7. Skin, Wood, Wire, and Wit
  8. Doctor Logan's Big Suprise
  9. Odd Way Out
  10. I Recognize That Face
  11. A Tale of the Unexpected
  12. The Missing Chapter
  13. Echoes and Eggs
  14. Wing and Prayer
  15. Surrealissimo
  16. The Nest of Teeth
  17. Before the Cock Crows
  18. A Duck Remembers
  19. The Devil You Know
  20. King of the Moon
  21. Stone Cold Truth
  22. Lotus and the Echo
  23. Death of the Hero?
  24. Day Of the Snakes
  25. The Hooligan
  26. The Future of All Things
  27. Times Arrow
  28. The Last Secret
  29. Hyacinths and Floor Polish
  30. The Return of the Other