Noah was a young boy living in the mid 1800's; him and his brother Abel helped August Catcher by bringing him specimens they had found - including a frozen death-scene between a heron and an eel. Abel loved to ice skate and got very good at it to the point of asking Tom to race him.

The Museum's SecretEdit

Tom was an assistant of August and earned a sovereign for things he brought back. Noah then had a go at driving a horse-and-cart until it caught fire sending the horses into panic, they ran onto the frozen lake and fell through the ice killing Noah.

The Hidden WorldEdit

The "Noah's Cafe" visited by Tom and Oscarine may have been named after Noah.

The Forgotten EchoEdit

Tom met Noah when he went back in time. Noah liked telling Tom about ice skating.

Alternate FutureEdit

Tom asked Abel not to let Noah have a go on his horse indicating that Noah survived in the alternate timeline.