Lotus Zumsteen - daughter of Amy Dix and Nicholas Zumsteen - is a main character born circa. 1996. Lotus is a Kafka beetle not by being a victim but by birth, through Nicholas.

After giving birth Amy Dix left Lotus in a pram near Hellkiss Hall. Everyone believed she had died unkowing that Don Gervase Askary had secretly took her as revenge on his brother. She grew up with nuns until helping Don Gervase on his schemes. As time went on Lotus was to become the Saviour of Scarazand before being replaced by Tom's Echo. After making a mistake on tracking down her real father she was bannished from Scarazand with a death warrent on her head.


Lotus is described as a young, darked-haired girl who moves and and has an elegance of a cat. It seems she likes to wear the colour white a lot. She appears to be very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and archery.

The Museum's SecretEdit

Lotus first appears when she and Don Gervase arrive at the Scatterhorn Museum to find out about the owners and the layout of the museum. Then they ask to buy it. Through events and adventures Tom Scatterhorn finds out their not who they say they are. Near the end of the book Lotus is asked to kill Tom nearly shooting him at least three times with her bow-and-arrow.

The Hidden WorldEdit

After being appointed head of security Lotus is sent to the Scatterhorn Museum where she tells Tom to keep out of their way. After a long and perilous journey Tom and Pearl Smoot reach Scarazand where Lotus sits next to Don Gervase while watching the arena games. After a little battle with G.F. Moore, Lotus turns into her true form - a bright green flying beetle.

The Forgotten EchoEdit

After being bannished from Scarazand Lotus goes to find the truth about herself first going to Jos Scatterhorn then to The Monestary where she learns where she came from and who she is. After this she teams up with tom and helps fight in The Battle of The End. After the alternate future is created Lotus is one of five people who know and remember the origianal timeline, she seems to take a liking to tom and then warns him about the full effects of the Sila Scream.