Henry Chancellor is the author of the Tom Scatterhorn Trilogy. He has spent many years of his life making documentary films, which have taken him all over the world, meeting some very perculiar people in some very perculiar places. Some of these films have won awards. He has also writen a couple of factual books: Colditz: The Definitive History (Based on the Channel Four Series) and James Bond: the Man and his World. The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn is his latest trilogy. He lives in Suffolk with his wife, three children, dog, cat, and several other animals.

The Museum's Secret biographyEdit

At the back of the book, it gives a small biography on Henry Chancellor:

Henry Chancellor is the author of the highly acclaimed Colditz: The Definitive History, and James Bond: The Man and his World - The Official Companion to Ian Flemings Creation. His remarkable telivision series, Escape from Colditz, won sweeping praise and has been shown all over the world. His documentaries for telivision include: The Great Belzoni, Millennium, and Commando.

The Museum's Secret is Henry Cancellor's first book for children.

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