At some point in Don Gervase Askary's life he had an Echo Beetle eat part of his DNA and that sprouted hundreds of copies of Don Gervase. Each one is opposite of the origional and all of them love chocolate.

Known Echoes of Don GervaseEdit

All of the known echoes of Don Gervase are in The Asylum.

The SoapEdit

The Soap seems to be the only Don Gervase with another name, he was one of the very few people outside of Scarazand to know where the Vent Hole is. He drew a map under his bed in his cell before he died.

Ponytail DonEdit

There was a Don Gervase echo with large sideburns and a ponytail, this was one of the first people tom met in the Asylum.

Third DonEdit

Another don had long greasy hair and a beared. He had a hat jammed squarley on the back of his head.

Many OthersEdit

Tom said he saw fifty or so Don Gervases in The Asylum.