A cark beetle is a small fictional insect that appears in the second book The Hidden World. Cark beetles a small and black/grey; they fly arround looking for a host, usually asleep, and then climbs into their ear and burrows right into their skull and activates unused brain cells. The feeling is like a giant red wave coming towards you and then when it hits you it feels really good, with a nice & warm feeling. All cark victims can be controlled by the mesmerion and the Queen.

The Hidden WorldEdit

People who have cark beetles in them are known as "beetleized" for officialy "Cark converts". Nearly everyone in Tithona had been 'beetleized' due to the Mackamack giving them as false medicine.

Tom had a cark beetle crawl into him after falling asleep, he stopped it using a Lapastus Grub before he was fully 'beetleized'; although he still had a throbing in his brain and was not immune to the mesmerion's signals.

Every human who lives and works in Scarazand are beetleized. Cark Beetles are sold there too.

The Forgotten EchoEdit

Cark Beetles are mentioned many times throughout the story referencing mostly about Tom's half beetleization.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Tom Scatterhorn
  • Geronimo's family
  • Woman on bike
  • Everyone in Scarazand