Abel is a teenage boy who lived during the 1890's. He had a brother named Noah and his mother was only known as Mrs. Cuddy; after both died he beckame a pick-pocket and theif, stealing from local stores and wearhouses.

The Museum's SecretEdit

Abel, along with his brother, were assistants of August Catcher bringing him specimens they had found. He earned 2 soverigns that he bought a horse with and let noah have a go resulting in his brothers death.

After his mother died Abel began stealing and helped Tom escape one of Don Gervase's warehoses.

The Forgotten EchoEdit

Abel met Tom for the first time when Tom arrived at the house trying to get keys to the shed so through a series of events he could destroy Scarazand; Abel was eating supper at the time with his brother. As Tom walked away he told Abel not to let Noah on a horse he might one day get implying that Noah survived in the alternite future.